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What kinds of natural embellishments are used in Alchemy Collection designs? 
Minerals, gemstones, fossils, exotic woods and horn are some of the natural embellishments used in our designs. If you would like to discuss a commission with a particular natural material not listed, please inquire as we may be able to accommodate.

Can I order a design made especially for my home?
Alchemy Collection welcomes custom orders. Fire screens, mirrors, and tables can be customized in regard to size and metal finishes. Some are also available in a selection of natural materials. Please inquire about options in regard to natural materials for individual designs.

Can I use an Alchemy Collection fire screen with wood-burning fireplaces?
Custom designs can be made to meet your specific needs. Designs without natural materials can be used with all fireplaces, including wood-burning fireplaces. Fire screens can be produced with or without wire mesh depending upon your specific requirements. Designs using natural materials or glass are not recommended for wood-burning fireplaces. These designs can handle mild heat exposure such as temperatures produced from gas log fireplaces. However, because some of the natural materials we use are fragile, please pull the designs away from the source of heat by at least twenty inches while the fireplace is in use.

What finishes are available?
Available finishes include: Warm Black, Dark Bronze, Pyrite, Egyptian Gold, True Steel patina, Zinc patina, Gold patina, Midnight patina

I find out more? 
You are welcome to contact us directly at 214.843.2140 or by submitting the form on the contact page with any inquiries. See the Retailers page for a list of stores that sell our products.

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