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About Us

claire-crowe.jpgDefined by rare and beautiful materials, masterful combinations, and original designs, Alchemy Collection is driven by a lifelong study and appreciation of the natural world from which its spirit was born. The inspiration behind this collection begins with the transformation of something common into something extraordinary. We take a soulful approach to the creation of luxurious home accessories with details inspired by natural forms, forms both timeless and modern which have been influencing design for centuries.

All designs are handcrafted meticulously in an artisanal manner with absolute attention to every detail. Designs emboldened with original details, pleasing textures, and dramatic shapes add playfulness and drama to living spaces. Details like natural embellishments and hand-wrought metal textures result in sculptural allure unlike anything else you will find. Alchemy Collection accessories bestow mysticism and glamour to spaces they inhabit and complement an array of interiors and styles.

The natural embellishments that adorn Alchemy Collection designs come from around the world. Many of them are in limited supply and won’t be available forever. Others are exquisite materials that long have been admired and collected: minerals, fossils, pearl, shell, horn, and bone. Old world metalwork techniques result in handmade details that enhance the allure of these natural materials.  While many of these materials are exotic, please note that this product line is designed, built, and finished by American artisans in Texas and Arkansas workshops.